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Experience the transformation of adult orthodontics with Invisalign, the leading brand in invisible
braces. Say goodbye to the challenges of crooked teeth without feeling you’ve missed the
opportunity for a perfect smile. Our custom-made 3D printed aligners predictably straighten teeth of
all complexities, offering a wire-free and bracket-free solution. Enjoy the flexibility of removable
aligners, making oral hygiene a breeze and reducing the risk of compromising tooth health. At
Hampshire Terrace Dental Care, we prioritise natural teeth preservation, making orthodontics our
primary step before considering any drilling. Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D imaging, we provide a
visual plan, ensuring you know exactly how your teeth will look post-treatment. Complimentary
tooth whitening is included in all Invisalign treatments, guaranteeing a natural, straight, and white

For those seeking conventional fixed orthodontic treatment, we offer comprehensive solutions to
meet diverse preferences. Choose us for a confident, radiant smile that complements your natural

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