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Crowns and Bridges
When a tooth undergoes extensive work and becomes too weak, a crown may be recommended to cover the entire biting surface with a strong material. This equal distribution of force reduces the risk of the tooth breaking.
Precious Gold Crowns
Considered the gold standard for back teeth, precious gold crowns are malleable, very strong, and milled to a knife-edge thickness. They require minimal removal of tooth tissue and tend to last the longest.
Monolithic Zirconia Crowns
Utilizing the strongest dental material, monolithic zirconia crowns are ideal for back teeth, being virtually ‘unbreakable.’ Milled with Cad-Cam 3D machines, they offer an accurate fit, thin profile, and a natural white color for strong aesthetics.
All Ceramic Crowns
For front teeth, all ceramic crowns are recommended for the best aesthetics. They mimic the natural lustre and beauty of teeth by reflecting and refracting light at the same wavelength.
Ceramic fused to metal
In cases requiring extra strength, a crown milled in metal (precious or non-precious) with fused porcelain may be used. The metal reinforces the ceramic, providing strength when there’s limited tooth structure. While the crown typically looks natural, unnatural lighting like flash photography can make the metal appear dull.
Used to replace missing teeth, bridges involve placing crowns on adjacent teeth with an extra tooth attached. This fixed structure replaces the missing tooth, ensuring adjacent teeth can bear the load. Alternatives include dental implants or dentures.

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